The Project

Danza in Fascia® was created from the union of two passions: dance and children

Francesca Lavecchia, creator of Danza in Fascia® tells us how the project came about…

After years of working overseas as a ballerina and assistant to the international choreographer Redha Benteifour, I decided to return to my family in Genova and start a new adventure.

I was contacted by an association which organized many activities for families who asked me to host a dance class for mothers and babies… I loved the idea!

I threw myself into the initiative but from the very first class I realized that just being a dance teacher was not going to be enough, in front of me I had special students and I needed to expand my knowledge on many points. So, with a great sense of responsibility and respect I started to learn about the neonatal world.

I needed to build the foundations for something that would eventually become a big family. I contacted professionals from the neonatal fields including physiotherapists, obstetricians, psychologists. I went to newborn massage classes, read books, researched and studied various aspects of what I was trying to do. The more time went by the more I realized that these professionals believed in my project, they guided and supported me.

Thanks to experts in the field I discovered the wonderful world of babywearing – trying to understand what would be most comfortable and appropriate for mother and baby.

On my journey I had the great fortune of meeting a pedagogist who, intrigued by my work, began to observe of the courses, making me aware of the methods that I had spontaneously created, explaining the reasons for their effectiveness which for me was simply how to ensure the mothers in my class feel good, but actually had deeper roots.

My initial aim of being able to offer mothers a safe course developed into the creation of a studied program appropriate for their needs, and so the DANZA IN FASCIA® Method was born: the choreographic representation of the bond between mother and baby through dance in close contact.

Over the years, without even realizing it, I found myself a real family made up of mothers, children, specialists and more who have always supported and followed me in the project.

In time I had requests from other teachers who, seeing my work, were curious about this world, but in the meantime I also saw activities similar to “danza in fascia”, but that did not reflect my idea and the criteria that for me had become necessary to ensure a safe activity.

Hence the desire to protect the work I was putting in so much effort for, and the decision to create the Danza in Fascia® brand with related training courses. I liked the idea that other teachers in Italy could provide to even more mothers the wonderful emotions that only the dance gives, but at the same time respecting what I had learned over the years. So today the family has expanded with Danza in Fascia® certified teachers from Palermo to Bolzano.

Obviously all this would not have been possible if I had not had my “super mums” to spur me on and help me… in time some of them became my precious collaborators and this project grows more and more thanks to them. Today we are a real “Staff” ready to jump into new adventures!