The Founder

Hi, I’m Francesca.

I started dancing as a child, every time my mother played music it was impossible for me to stand still. I’ve always heard the music inside me, the rhythm running through my veins and I’ve always had an unstoppable instinct to express myself through movement. From this passion I decided to make dance a fundamental part of my life and my work. Over the years, in fact, I discovered the beauty of teaching, seeing the joy in the eyes of those who discover the emotions that dance can give, seeing the surprise and amazement in children experiencing the magic of going on stage and discovering the willingness of adults to have a go and exceed their self-imposed limits.

I am a professional dancer and certified teacher (Certificate of professional specialization as a qualified technician for dance teaching – European qualification level 85/368 /cee achieved in 2006).

The passion for dance and the passion for children made me want to learn and deepen a new language in order to allow new mothers dance with their children. Over the years I have been accompanied on this journey by professionals from different sectors of the neonatal field (educator, physiotherapist, midwives, psychologist etc.) in order to offer mothers a safe studed course, appropriate to their needs. From here the DANZA IN FASCIA® Method was born: the choreographic representation of the bond between mother and baby through dance in close contact.

Here you can find my Curriculum Vitae: FrancescaLavecchia CV