What is Danza in Fascia®?

One body, one heart, and one breath that dance together


Danza in Fascia® is the choreographic representation of the bond between mother and baby through dance in close contact.

It is a series of dance lessons for mothers and their babies which further develops the connection established during pregnancy.

Applying the “Babywearing method”, including the use of adequate carriers which respect baby’s physiology and ensures an ergonomic position, allows mother and child to rediscover the unique relationship that characterized them during nine months of pregnancy and as such is perfect for what Danza in Fascia® sets out to achieve.

Each lesson begins with relaxation, listening to music and focusing on breathing. Then follows general warm-up and toning exercises, either free movement or utilizing the barre. The core of the lesson begins by learning basic dance steps and moving to the beat, leading into a piece of choreography where participants can really let go and experience the freedom and joy that dance offers.

There are many benefits of Danza in Fascia®, for mother and child:

  • Babies are lulled by the same rocking they felt during pregnancy and they actively participate in the dance, even imitating the mother’s movements
  • As a newborn’s nervous system is so malleable there are many benefits to the combination of music and movement.
  • Music assists in the development of cardiovascular and digestive rhythms, it helps newborns overcome the stress of birth, and it has also been proven to aid language, communication and learning skills.
  • The mother’s movements are translated for the baby in a rhythmic skin to skin massage which stimulates their receptors and as such their consciousness of themselves and their body
  • New mums, apart from taking some precious time to have fun and be distracted from their new day-to-day routine, are able to take back control and knowledge of their own body, recharging and toning after nine months of pregnancy.


What is unique about Danza in Fascia® is that it offers a moment to share intimate contact between mothers and their babies. The sense of wellbeing felt by the mother is transmitted to the baby, strengthening in him a direct feeling of music and movement, while the mother benefits from feeling their baby relaxed and happy. It is in this sharing and exchange of positive emotions and feelings that Danza in Fascia® shows its full potential, providing an unrepeatable opportunity for the health and wellbeing of mother and baby.


Danza in Fascia® is a project filed and protected SIAE marked by the repertoire number 2015002780