Our Adventure… Danza in Fascia® on Italia’s Got Talent!

July 2018 – A group of Danza in Fascia® mums take the stage at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi to audition for Italia’s Got Talent…

The founder of Danza in Fascia® tells us:

An indescribable moment… to see mums who just a few months before would never have thought of being on such an important stage. To see their emotions and at the same time the tranquility of their babies enraptured by the rhythm and colours that encircled them, to hear the volume of the music lower and that of the applause rise when the audience realised that something marvellous was about to happen…”



Here is our adventure…

Where we came from Music as the starting line… the cord that unites the rhythm and the movement. L’Ombelico del Mondo (the navel of the world) that makes our mums dance.

Everyone to Milan! The adrenalin leaving on an adventure that the mums will definitely have in their hearts for life… obviously everyone tackles the voyage in their own way!

Super dad supporters With us, them… excited, emotional, careful… in love watching their partners in a new role, unknown; and their babies so calm andserene. I don’t think they expected such a big emotional reaction. The waiting to see them dance under the spotlights. The magic of dance.

Make-up Because it takes more than music and the moves to create a show… Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts to Alessandra and Anna who in a very short time helped prepare the mums to enter the magical world of the stage.

Backstage This is it! After months of preparation the moment has arrived… Where do I go? And if I make a mistake? Do I look OK? The many questions an artist has before going on stage, only this time asking the questions are the stunning mums with their babies wrapped up… OK! Here we are girls… Let’s Go!

Curtains closed… ready, go! The heart stops beating, the music starts… in the moment that you turn around a huge roar from the audience charged the energy that only a mum can have, shining in your eyes and the eyes of your babies. You were amazing!


Mission accomplished!

Francesca Lavecchia and Chiara Firenze thank:


The super dance mums:

Vanessa Tealdo, Anastasia Delucchi, Barbara Cardellino, Gloria Cottafava, Silvia De Stefano, Pamela Grosso, Raffaella de Franchis, Maria Copello, Martina Panealbo, Ilaria Clerici


Hair and make-up: Anna Malavasi

Assistent: Alessandra Zaniratti

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